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    Changzhou Xinli Casting Co. Ltd is located in the western suburbs of Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province, YULONG Middle Rd, south of Shanghai Nanjing railway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway north and Changzhou port of the Yangtze River, west of ChangzhouInternational Airport, the geographical position is superior, water, land and air transportation is very convenient.

    The company was founded in the ninety's of last century, is engaged in a long-termaluminum alloy, zinc alloy die casting production and processing of professional chemical plant, has a long and good cooperative relations with the United StatesIngersoll Rand and many other Foreign Company. Over the years the companyadhere to the implementation of standardized management of the quality management system, and now the implementation of ISO9001:2008 quality system standard. The company has the product quality detection and control means perfect, has from 25 tons -900 tons die casting production capacity, and has a vertical, horizontal machining, CNC lathes and other strong machining strength and ultrasonic cleaning,finishing, polishing, shot blasting, sand blasting surface treatment equipment and thecapacity of. Company's existing staff of nearly 100 people of various skills, can meet the various needs of our customers.

    We take the "good faith" as the company's foothold in this; to "guarantee customer satisfaction" as the company's service tenet; "manufacturing quality products" as thecompany staff eternal pursuit. We will take the products and domestic and foreign businessmen to standardized management, advanced technology, exquisite and sincere cooperation.


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